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Why We Have to Visited Trans Studio Bandung?

Hi guys , back again with me ! This time I want to show you about a famous place in Bandung, do you know what ? It is Trans Studio Bandung...!! Well, some of you may have visited this place, and for those of you who haven't visited this place I'll explain why you guys should come here. And this is the picture of Trans Studio Bandung, this is my picture and my friend.
Yea if you want to see more clearly you can search on google
So, Trans Studio Bandung is family-focused indoor theme park with thrill rides, a theater & play areas for younger children.Trans Studio Bandung is located in Trans Studio Mall on
Jendral Gatot Subroto Street Number 289, Cibangkong, Batununggal, West Java, Indonesia.In addition to the rides, held a cultural festival, an exciting International show.

For ticket and Operasional Hour :
 Monday to Thursday : IDR 180,000,- (one hundred eighty thousand rupiah)*
Friday : IDR 200,000,- (two hundred thousand rupiah)*
*Not applicable on Peak Season
Saturday, Sunday &…
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Thanks ! You Saved Me

This story happened a few months ago, this is sad story but quite silly. But I'm glad this happen to me. I smile every time I remember it. This story very memorable to me for being the story behind my struggle to go to in my school now. I'm sure not only me, but my friends will also remember it. Do you know what kind of story ? Let's start it.

Monday a few months ago, around March or maybe April ? I don't know for sure. Me with my classmates go for math tutoring every Monday, it's in my friend's house, her name is Anggie. Her home in Cicadas, so we must go by public transportation from our school together. We always enjoy our trip,  we are determined to fight together for our success. 
That monday was rain, we finished school at 2 o'clock and the course started at 3 o'clock. So we have to go straight there. It took about  half an hour to through the trip. The public transportation just stopped in front of the housing, so we have to walked from in front…

What's Your Plan in Next Holiday ?

The thing everyone awaits is come... Do you know what ? Yup, that is a HOLIDAY !! Yeaayy, I'm sure everyone love this one word very much. Have you got a plan guys ? What will you do ? Where will you go ? If you haven't a plan you should read this conversation between Widy and Asti, maybe they will inspired you, maybe...

Widy : "Peww, what's going on ?"
Asti : "Hallo Wid, I'm fine thank you. And you ?"
Widy : "I'm verry happy Pew, my mood is in the best condition."
Asti : "Wow.. what happen, Wid? You get a present from someone or anything else maybe ?"
Widy : "It is better from that."
Asti : "Okay, let me know what makes you like this?"
Widy : "I'm happy because holiday is coming !! Can you believe it ? 
H-O-L-I-D-A-Y !! I'm excited so much, thank you God finally the awaited day is coming !!"
Asti : "Keep calm Widy, you look like a crazy people oh my God hahaha."
Widy : "Don't you…


* In A Korean Festival *
Nisrina : "Ouh ! Ahh no.." *the drink spilled*
Widy : "Oh my God ! I'm so sorry, I really was unintentional."
Nisrina : "No problem." *clean her clothes*
Widy : "Let me help you. Give me apologize :( it was an accident."
Nisrina : "Don't worry, it just a dirnk. So to whom I say thank you ?"
Widy : "Oh my name is Widyana, you can call me widy. And to whom I have to say sorry ?"
Nisrina : "Haha my name is Nisrina, you can call me Iryn."
Widy : "Nice to meet you Iryn, sorry Iryn you get a bad experience for the first time meet me."
Nisrina : "Ahh it's okay Widy, keep calm. So what grade are you ?"
Widy : " I'm in the tenth grade, what about you ?"
Nisrina : "Seriously ? You don't look like that haha. But me too ! I'm also in tenth grade."
Widy : "Haha do I have a baby face?" 
Nisrina : "Not really hahaha.." *laughing togethe…

This Is Myself !

Hi guys ! This is my first time to write a blog so please guide me. My name is Widyana Khoerunnisa you can call me widy or anything you want. I was born in Bandung, 1st of January 2002 a good date, isn't it ? Many people said to me that's special were born on that date, but I don't think so. For me every day, every date and every year is a good time. Okay that's just my opinion, let's continue to talk about me. Now i'm study at 3 Junior High School at X grade. 
I have one brother and sister, the first one is Rizky Nurachman, I usually call him Iki. He already graduated from Techincal Institute Bandung, and now he is in Palembang, quite distance place right ? Honestly I'm very sad parted with him, why ? Because he always supported me, preach to me, and he is place of grief. He will comeback in Januari 2018, oh god that's a long time for me. I miss you my brother, take care there i always praying for you here !
And the second one is Annisa Nursalsabilla, I …