This Is Myself !

Hi guys ! This is my first time to write a blog so please guide me. My name is Widyana Khoerunnisa you can call me widy or anything you want. I was born in Bandung, 1st of January 2002 a good date, isn't it ? Many people said to me that's special were born on that date, but I don't think so. For me every day, every date and every year is a good time. Okay that's just my opinion, let's continue to talk about me. Now i'm study at 3 High Junior High School at X grade. 
I have one brother and sister, the first one is Rizky Nurachman, I usually call him Iki. He already graduated from Techincal Institute Bandung, and now he is in Palembang, quite distance place right ? Honestly I'm very sad parted with him, why ? Because he always supported me, preach to me, and he is place of grief. He will comeback in Januari 2018, oh god that's a long time for me. I miss you my brother, take care there i always praying for you here !
And the second one is Annisa Nursalsabill…